david crosby on the election

david crosby.

david crosby.

On Halloween Day, I spoke with two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee David Crosby for an advance story on his Nov. 19 performance at the Norton Center for the Arts. Nearly all of our conversation centered on his current music, specifically the tunes making up the “Lighthouse” album he released earlier this month, along with discussion about his 50 year recording and touring career.

Being that Crosby, 75, has been such a vocal social and political commentator through his music since the 1960s, I could help but ask him his feelings regarding the impending presidential election. As our feature piece on the Norton Center concert won’t run for another two weeks, I’m sharing Crosby’s brief election comments here.

A note: I did not ask him specifically about any candidate. My question was simply this: “Would you please share your sentiments on this election season?

Here was Crosby’s reply:

“I don’t think there is any more dangerous person to this country than (Donald) Trump. I think he is a terrible person, and I also think he is not very bright. It would be a disaster. So I’m going to vote for Hillary (Clinton). I would have picked somebody completely other than the both of them. But I think Trump is truly dangerous. He does not have control over himself and he’s not an adult. I think it would be a disaster to let him run the country.”


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