‘WoodSongs’ in Ireland

Mary Black 2a

Mary Black will be among the guests of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour‘s live Internet broadcast from Ireland.

Clear your calendars for the rest of the day. We’re all going to Ireland – via cyberspace, that is.

The WoodSongs Old-Time Hour is set to tape two programs today from the Convention Center in Dublin. As with the shows taped in Lexington at the Lyric Theatre, the final results won’t officially air for a month or more. But both programs can viewed as they happen beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Folk-book.com.

Joining host Michael Johnathon in the second hour will be We Banjo Three and Niall Toner, ensembles that will blend elements of Celtic folk music and American bluegrass.

But the first hour enlists two members of Irish music royalty – vocalist Mary Black and singer-songwriter Paul Brady.

A veteran of the great Irish traditional music band De Dannan, Black devoted herself exclusively to a solo career beginning in 1986. Her stark, exact and powerfully emotive vocals have been featured on albums of contemporary as well as traditional songs, the best of which remains 1989’s career defining No Frontiers. She has since collaborated with such disparate American artists as Joan Baez and Steve Martin.

What De Dannan was for Black, the even more traditionally minded Planxty was for Brady a decade earlier. Brady and fellow Planxty member Andy Irvine struck out as a duo after the band’s demise, issuing Andy Irvine and Paul Brady. To this day, the 1976 album remains among the finer works recorded by either artist. Brady’s own albums flirted with commercial aspirations after that, but the greatest attention his songs received came when a variety of celebs – with Tina Turner and Bonnie Raitt leading the pack – covered them.

For more info on the broadcast, go to www.woodsongs.com.


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