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mike cooley.

Here are a few extra remarks from our interview with Mike Cooley that didn’t make the final cut of our advance piece/post on Saturday’s Drive-By Truckers piece due to space.

+ Regarding a new Truckers album: I’m sure at some point, we will all want to go in and record together, even if we’re not thinking about an album. Once we do that, the ball will start rolling.

+ Regarding the possibility of hearing new songs at Saturday’s show: Well, I’m not planning on bringing anything new in (laughs). I don’t know if we’re going to have time to do that. We start in Memphis and then go Lexington the next day, so if anything new comes up, it will probably be closer to the end of the tour rather than the beginning.

+ Regarding songwriting inspirations: All of these songs have been written over a period of several years at different ages living in different places going through different experiences. So I’m not really looking for anything in particular. Every now and then there may be something that I think I may want to write about that I will carry around for a long time. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it never does. Mostly I just start playing something that sounds kind of good to me that inspires the humming of a melody and maybe a few words, and maybe I’ll figure out later where that’s actually going. Sometimes what you’re actually going to do with it reveals itself later in the process. Sometimes it’s may be a few years after you’ve written it and put it out that you go, ‘Oh yeah. That’s what’s I meant.’ That happens.

+ Regarding influences from  the South: You can’t really get away from it. Sometimes I think, ‘Man, it would be kind of nice to throw some other flavors in there.’ But that’s who we are. I can’t really he honest with myself and disregard that. That’s the most important thing about writing to me. It’s about being honest with yourself and being who you are. If being from the South happens to be it, then good luck changing.

+ Regarding mainstream commercial success: Sometimes your more loyal fans can feel marginalized by all the new success and it turns them off. And usually, once the big, sudden wave moves on to the next thing, the loyals never wind up coming back. As much as I would love to have the big mansion and the swimming pool of money… actually, I don’t really want those things… but the big hit single can be the kiss of death, for all the beautiful things it brings for awhile.

+ Regarding the working relationship with Patterson Hood: It comes totally naturally. That’s why we’ve kept playing together. It’s been that way from the very beginning. We’ve gotten better at it. You know, we didn’t meet until we were around 20 years old. But for all practical purposes, we grew up together. I mean, most everybody is still pretty damned immature at 20 years old. If you aren’t, you’re probably not normal. Musically and artistically, we were very green, so we totally grew up together in that respect.

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