summer album of the week 08/27/11

john hiatt: slow turning (released august 1988)

Issued a year after the heroic Bring the Family, the album that finally defined John Hiatt’s songwriting and performance work after a solo career that sagged for nearly 15 years, Slow Turning rolled up the songsmith’s musical sleeves. It enlisted his then-road band (led by the masterful bayou guitarist Sonny Landreth) and offered a fistful of tunes that sounded liberated next to Family’s more obvious domestic leanings. In the years to come, artists like Emmylou Harris and Buddy Guy would cover Slow Turning tunes. But none would match the wily electric cunning Hiatt brought to his own extraordinary songs.

Research on Headache and Migraine Detailed by S.K. Piebes and Co-Authors.

Pediatrics Week May 7, 2011 “Recurrent headaches significantly affect health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in adults; the impact of headache on HRQOL among adolescents is unknown, and the psychometric properties of headache-specific outcomes instruments have not been adequately studied in this population. To evaluate the psychometric properties of the Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) and Pediatric Migraine Disability Assessment (PedMIDAS) in healthy adolescent athletes. Descriptive survey,” researchers in Mesa, United States report. web site at still university

“High school athletic training facilities during the fall sports season. 177 high school athletes (89 males and 88 females). A survey consisting of a demographic and concussion-history questionnaire, a graded symptom scale, the HIT-6, and the PedMIDAS. Internal consistency (alpha), test retest reliability (r(s)), Bland-Altman analyses, and the Mann-Whitney U test were used to evaluate psychometric properties and age and gender differences. The HIT-6 and PedMIDAS item and total scores. Test-retest reliability for the HIT-6 total score was r(s)=.72, and reliability of individual items ranged from r(s)=.52 to .67. The test-retest reliability for the PedMIDAS total score was r(s)=.61, and reliability of individual items ranged from r(s)=.23 to .62. Both scales demonstrated acceptable internal consistency: HIT-6 alpha=.89-.90 and PedMIDAS alpha=.71-.75. The authors found moderate test-retest reliability for the HIT-6 and the PedMIDAS in a healthy adolescent athlete population,” wrote S.K. Piebes and colleagues. go to site at still university

The researchers concluded: “Research on the applicability and utility of the HIT-6 and PedMIDAS in concussed adolescents is warranted.” Piebes and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation (Measurement Properties of Headache-Specific Outcomes Scales in Adolescent Athletes. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2011;20(1 Sp. Iss.):129-142).

For additional information, contact S.K. Piebes, AT Still University, Athlet Training Program, Mesa, AZ 85206, United States.

Publisher contact information for the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation is: Human Kinetics Publ Inc., 1607 N Market St., PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61820-2200, USA.

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