amy winehouse, 1983-2011

amy winehouse

amy winehouse

Not really sure what needs to be said regarding the weekend death of British singer Amy Winehouse other than it is tragic.

When a 27 year old artist who has been in the headlines more for drug addictions, police run-ins and other sidelining by-products of celebrity status than for any artistic achievements that brought her to public prominence in the first place, how could it not be tragic?

When someone succumbs to what many writers and friends familiar with Winehouse’s self-imposed turmoil have termed as “the inevitable,” how could it not be tragic?

When a 27 year old dies for any reason, from any background, how could it not be tragic?

Debates are already ripe when views on Winehouse’s career reach outside these parameters. Some fans uphold the singer’s brassy soul recordings. And, indeed, a hit like Rehab was a fun retro retreat if you could separate it from the unavoidable irony it shared with Winehouse’s personal life. And yes, her records helped bring global prominence to the Dap Kings, the world class soul revue that once backed her and now serve as the band for soul diva Sharon Jones. Others decry how Winehouse’s passing pales next to more unavoidably tragic rock and roll deaths, like those of John Lennon and Steve Ray Vaughan.

We’ll leave those squabbles to other bloggers, except to say again that when such a youthful voice is derailed for good, even when it accompanies a temperament of such irreparable self-destruction, all you can feel is sad.

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