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yes: going for the one (released july 1977)

yes: going for the one (released july 1977)

One would have thought commercially visible prog rock as defined by bands like Yes would have fossilized by the time punk reared its safety-pinned head during the summer of 1977. Yet that’s when the established Yes lineup of Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White released four atypically streamlined songs and the epic Awaken on an album that stands as an enchanting and, dare we say, enlightened prog classic. In short, Yes went for the one that summer and got it

Seahawks could add touch of gray to logo, 3rd jersey; Seahawks; New logo, to be unveiled Tuesday, features gray stripe.(Sports)

The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA) March 30, 2012 Byline: Danny O’Neil; Seattle Times staff reporter There is a bit of a gray area when it comes to the Seahawks’ new logo, and that’s not just because the team’s new uniforms won’t be unveiled until Tuesday in New York.

A Seahawks logo featuring what appeared to be a gray lower stripe behind the bird’s head appeared on two recent segments on the NFL’s television network. It was reminiscent of the silver stripe that was part of the franchise’s original logo. That logo was changed in 2002 when the franchise changed uniforms. That’s when the Seahawks went from silver helmets to blue, and the logo was altered to include two blue stripes behind the bird’s head.

This year, the Seahawks are one of two teams expected to change their logos. The Carolina Panthers were the other, and they have already released the image of their new logo.

The Seahawks’ new logo will be released Tuesday as part of Nike’s introduction of new NFL uniforms. Nike has replaced Reebok as the NFL’s uniform provider.

The Seahawks’ new uniform is expected to have a third, alternate jersey that will be gray, according to a source. This jersey would be a third option to the blue, which is typically worn at home, and the white shirts often worn on the road. go to website new nfl uniforms go to site new nfl uniforms

The team has not released anything regarding the new uniforms nor a new logo nor commented on it. In fact, the whole thing is a pretty closely guarded secret with precautions taken to make sure pictures don’t leak out.

However, the NFL Network featured what might have been Seattle’s new logo in two different segments during its programming this week, one titled “State of the Franchise” and the other called “On the Clock.” Each segment began with a graphic featuring a Seahawks logo with what appeared to be a light lower stripe behind the bird’s head. When the segment shifted to the NFL Network studio, the Seahawks logo featured behind the anchor did not have a lighter lower stripe. Rather, it was the logo the team has used the previous 10 years with two different shades of blue stripes.

Did the league’s network give an unofficial glimpse of the Seahawks’ new logo? We won’t know for sure until next week.

Notes * Defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove will sign with the Green Bay Packers, according to a statement on his Twitter account. Hargrove, 28, signed with Seattle three days before the regular-season opener in 2011, and became a mainstay in Seattle’s third-down pass rush. He appeared in 15 games, had three sacks and recorded a safety in New York when he tackled a Giants running back in the end zone. Seattle’s acquisition of Jason Jones in free agency gave the Seahawks a versatile lineman who will step into that role in the nickel defense.

* The Seahawks announced a five-year deal with Q13 FOX (KCPQ) to broadcast Seattle’s four exhibition games in high definition. The Seahawks and the station will also collaborate on a program that will air Sundays during the NFL season.

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