the simpsons are going to birdland!

but do they even know where birdland is?

but do they even know where birdland is?

And the most unlikely musical reference on network TV over the holiday weekend goes to (drum roll, please)… The Simpsons!

Last night, the 22nd season of the animated series offered another purposely convoluted storyline involving Marge coming to blows with Danica Patrick and Nelson Muntz offering the episode’s funniest line as a lament: “My mom ran off with the birthday clown.”

It all ended – where else? – at an ostrich farm.

But the carnival ride began with Bart nursing a wounded carrier pigeon back to full flying form. And the music that was playing underneath? Weather Report’s Birdland.

Jazz has always gotten a fair shake on The Simpsons, mostly because Lisa is so enamored with it. But an incidental scene using one of the great instrumental fusion hits of the ‘70s as a backdrop? If any TV show did that, The Musical Box would have stood and cheered. But The Simpsons? We should have known that would be the only program cool enough to try such a trick.

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