go daddy go

daddy: tommy womack and will kimbrough. photo by joshua black wilkins.

daddy: tommy womack and will kimbrough. photo by joshua black wilkins.

The question this weekend won’t so much be “Who’s your daddy?” but “Who’s this Daddy?”

Daddy, as it pertains to a pair of regional performances on Saturday, is the name of a very resourceful Americana outfit fronted by Will Kimbrough and Sturgis native Tommy Womack. Both have been regulars at Lexington clubs, from Kimbrough’s rocking dates at The Dame over the past four years to Womack’s days in and out of Government Cheese that extend back decades to downtown shows at the long defunct Wrocklage.

Daddy, though, is a different beast. It’s a looser, earthier ensemble with strong elements of twang, soul and gospel cool. There is also a healthy roster of inspirations figuring into the band’s new For a Second Time album.

Nobody from Nowhere, for instance, is a moody everyman rocker that recalls the narratives of Steve Earle and Chris Knight while Wash & Fold cooks up a groove fueled by vintage Little Feat-style slide guitar and a crisp Bo Diddley beat. The killer, though, is Hardshell Case, which grooves with a slow, determined Southern glow and a guitar hook that sounds like Creedence Clearwater Revival. Keyboards then pepper the tune with a spiritual air that almost takes the music to church.

Kimbrough and Womack will perform as an acoustic duo at Midway College’s Francisco Farm Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon (5 p.m., $5) while the full band (rounded out by keyboardist John Deaderick, bassist Dave Jacques and drummer Paul Griffith) heads to The Brick Alley, 25 St. Clair St. in Frankfort for a Saturday evening performance (8 p.m. $10).

Call (859) 846-4049 for info on the Midway duo show and (502) 875-2559 for the full band Frankfort set.

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