in performance: sarah borges and the broken singles

sarah borges. photo by michelle hudd.

sarah borges. photo by michelle hudd.

Just a postscript, this one. The first portion of Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles’ local debut last night at The Dame had to be sacrificed due the length of the Donna the Buffalo show playing further down Main St. Imagine that – two acts from Sugar Hill Records playing in Lexington on the same week night on the same street. That’s one for the rock ‘n roll book of odd coincidences.

Bostonian Borges proved an extraordinarily well versed rocker who deftly shuffled styles to offer the ‘60s girl group pop of Me and Your Ghost, the roadhouse charge of NRBQ’s It Comes to Me Naturally, the jubilant rockabilly swagger of the original Miss Mary, the almost gospel-esque salvation of Will Kimbrough’s Glory Be and the nocturnal Horton Heat-inspired twang and crunch of Diabilito.

That Borges’ three-member Broken Singles band pumped the rootsy smorgasbord up with the sort of immediacy that sidestepped coy retro trappings worked to underscore the show’s very honest vitality. But Ms. Borges also has a touch of a punk cabaret artist in her.

Between songs, she joked around with patrons (all 20 of them that showed up) and exchanged impromptu banter with bassist Binky (just Binky, thank you very much) about such unexpected talking points as octopus infidelity. In short, this was an artist bent on breaking her name by working a room, even one as meagerly populated as The Dame was last night.

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