independent music on independence day

The theme is “Independent Music on Independence Day.” For six years now, CD Central has been promoting that notion with a mini-festival of fine local indie acts along with an out of town guest or two staged smack in the middle of the outdoor madness that transforms downtown on July 4th into a street carnival.

This year, the event takes on some hefty – and, perhaps, unintended – significance. It will be staged in Phoenix Park, a mere block away from where The Dame shut its doors less than two weeks ago. As such, it will showcase roughly eight hours of the sort of vital live music that downtown, as it stands now, is almost entirely devoid of.

But let’s not stray too far from the celebratory mood CD Central is out to summon. Headlining Independent Music on Independence Day this year will be Nashville’s De Novo Dahl, a quintet that has been a guest of The Dame on many a fine night.

If any outfit can brush away the grey that has circulated around the downtown music scene of late, this is the one. Though its musical sentiment regularly borrows from ‘70s and ‘80s pop, De Novo Dahl possesses a summery sound all of its own. Its recent Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound album is loaded with light – and, dare we say, uplifting – pop confections, from the soul saturated Shakedown to the atmospheric bounce of New Hero to the blinding hullabaloo dervish of Make Some Sense .

Fans should also note there is a non-CD, iTunes-only bonus track on the band’s myspace page: an update of the Speed Racer theme that really sends De Novo Dahl’s pop time machine reeling. The tune was nixed at the 11th hour from the soundtrack to the recent feature film remake of the vintage cartoon series. Maybe the movie would have made a more lasting impression at the box office had it gotten Dahl-ed up a bit.

There’s a wealth of great local music on tap today, as well – including slices of blues and boogie from The Tallboys and some seriously ear-crunching street noise from Tight Leather.

Here’s the full, free lineup:

Ben Allen (10:30 a.m.); Everybody Lives Everybody Wins (11:15 a.m.); The Tallboys’ (12 noon); Bedtime (1:15 p.m.); intermission for the July 4th parade on Main St. (2 p.m.); De Novo Dahl (3:15 p.m.); Tight Leather (4:30 p.m.).

Independent Music on Independence Day will be held July 4 in Phoenix Park. Admission is free. Call (859) 233-3472.

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